Reclaiming Your Sexual Health

cyclist smiling As you age, your body changes. You may not have the flexibility, endurance or even same sexual appetite as you did in your youth. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your sexual prime as a memory in the past. Reclaiming your sexual health is one way to take back control of your life and experience a fulfilling relationship with your partner.

Safety First – There are many ways to approach this goal. Part of reclaiming your sexual health involves taking responsibility for your body by taking steps to prevent STDS and unintended pregnancies. You will be better able to embrace your sexuality and enjoy intimacy knowing that you are having a safe sexual experience. This also demonstrates that you are invested in the well-being of your partner and want to protect that person from harm.

Ownership for Your Physical Health – Making lifestyle changes is another step toward reclaiming your sexual health. Regular exercise is an important part of increasing sex hormones, increasing your libido and maintaining healthy erections. Eating a balanced diet and managing your cardiovascular health can also help enhance your sexual performance. Eating the right foods helps improve blood flow and avoid the onset of type 2 diabetes, which can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Changing Your Thinking – Finally, own your sexual health by changing how you think. As you reduce stress, build up your confidence and accept the body you have, you will be able to reawaken your sexuality. It may take some effort, but you have the ability to reconnect with your sexual desires and experience intimacy with your partner.

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