Prioritizing Your Sexual Health

Prioritizing your sexual health is an essential component of maintaining relationships. Being intentional about how you take care of yourself and what you bring to the physical part of your relationship can promote intimacy and build up your confidence. If your goal is to improve your sexual performance, you have to start by making this part of your life a priority.

In an ideal world, this would happen naturally and you would wake up full of vigor and virility every day. You would be able to satisfy your needs and your partner’s without fail. You would know intuitively how to improve your sexual performance. Unfortunately, the body is more complex than that, and age along with other factors can make your sex life a source of frustration – rather than pleasure. Instead of settling for this way of life, put effort into taking care of your body and allow your best self to show up in a relationship.

Here are some tips for prioritizing your sexual health and improving your sexual performance:

• Communicate with your partner – Talk to your partner about your needs, expectations and desires, and listen to her needs, expectations and desires. Sometimes improving your sex life can be as simple as discussing what you both want and then making that aspect of your relationship a priority.

• Identify and treat physical problems – There may be other conditions that are making your sex life difficult. With treatment, many sexual issues can be addressed. For example, those struggling with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can seek treatment at a sexual health clinic created specifically for men, like the St. Louis Men’s Clinic.

• Focus on a healthy lifestyle – Your lifestyle habits play a big part in what you bring to the bedroom. Your diet, commitment to exercise and sleep habits all effect your overall health and self-confidence.

• Make time for intimacy a priority – It’s easy to get caught up in work, busy schedules, social engagements and other commitments. Reserving space to have time together – both for date evenings out and nights staying in – will help you and your partner enjoy each other’s company. Removing the stress of rushing and designating a place in your schedule to grow closer can help your relationship improve physically and emotionally.

The time you put into prioritizing self-care can benefit you and your partner and allow you to get the most out of your sexual interactions.