Foods That Boost Your Sex Drive

Turning to aphrodisiacs, which stimulate sexual desire, is an age-old way to naturally help boost your sex drive and combat erectile dysfunction. While consistent problems related to sexual performance often require treatment to see significant improvement, it can never hurt to supplement your diet with these fruits and vegetables that can have been linked to positive side effects like increased libido, testosterone production and blood flow.

Go Green

There are certain aphrodisiacs most people are familiar with. You’ve probably overheard people mention how chocolate, red wine and oysters can get you “in the mood.” But there are some tasty items that are less well known for their link to sexual arousal. Adding asparagus and avocado to your diet is one way to potentially improve your sexual appetite.

Asparagus provides Vitamin E, which can increase blood and oxygen flow to the genitals. Blood flow is a key part of getting and maintaining an erection. This veggie also has a high level of potassium, which some studies link to sex hormone production. The avocado comes with high levels of vitamin B6 which helps with the mechanism that produces testosterone.

Think Pink

Another overlooked category of aphrodisiacs are fruits. Some studies show that pomegranates, watermelons and figs are associated with increased sexual desire. Pomegranates have antioxidants, which promote blood flow to the genitals. Also, some studies link pomegranate juice to improvement of erectile dysfunction. Watermelons contain citruline, which can help increase nitric acid, impacting blood flow, blood vessel relaxation and sexual arousal. Figs are high in amino acids, linked to improved sexual stamina and increased libido.

So next time you are preparing your grocery list, keep your sexual health in mind and add a few of these items to your cart. Learning more about boosting your sexual performance at StLMensClinic.com.

Am I a Candidate for the Priapus Shot?

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Finding the best solution for restoring sexual vigor can be a frustrating process for some men who are simply trying to live their best life. The Priapus Shot is a revolutionary platelet-rich plasma treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) that is completely non-surgical and all-natural. Some of our patients have had incredibly positive results including increased penis girth and length from increased blood flow after their first visit*. Read on to find out if you might be good candidate for the Priapus Shot:

Seeking a different ED treatment? This ED treatment has become the option for many men who find it difficult to pick the right medication or treatment from the range of options available for treating ED. If you have been disappointed by past treatment or medications, it might be time to try a treatment that has been known to enhance erectile function by up to 90 percent*.

Looking for less invasive ED treatment? The Priapus Shot is completely natural and non-surgical. Do not let the word “shot” scare you away from a possible ED solution. Our patients have reported that it is very tolerable procedure that can sometimes lead to long-lasting results*.

History of prostate cancer, diabetes, or Peyronie’s Disease? ED is sometimes caused by, or related to, other physiological issues that can inhibit the body’s natural ability to increase blood flow to the penis. This may also cause men to have difficulty achieving and maintaining a strong erection during sexual intercourse. The Priapus Shot application is very simple and is an FDA-approved treatment administered by a physician.

There are numerous options for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), from lifestyle changes to the little blue pill and it can be overwhelming to find something that actually works for your body. Find out if the Priapus Shot is your ED solution by scheduling an appointment with one of our male physicians.

*Results may vary

3 reasons to get the P-Shot ®

Male enhancement has always been geared toward men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction.  But at St. Louis Men’s Clinic we believe that enhancement shouldn’t just be for men who struggle with performance issues or loss of libido. We think that men everywhere should be able to give themselves a little boost, even if they aren’t dealing with symptoms of ED.

Enter the Priapus Shot ®

The Priapus Shot ® or P-Shot® is an all natural treatment that has a number of benefits for all men.  Here are three reasons to consider the P-Shot ®.

No pills, sprays or cream


The Priapus Shot ® uses your body’s own plasma to rejuvenate the penis.  By separating the platelets, then injecting them into specific regions of the penis, blood-derived growth factors work with your body to stimulate strength and growth of the penis.  Your body will never reject these platelets because they came from you and the treatment has a very high rate of success.

Results in as little as a single treatment


No need to have surgery or use a pump forever to see results.  Many men have reported a difference in strength, hardness, length and girth after just one treatment.  Treatments are delivered at our office and last a total of 20-30 minutes.

Increased sexual performance


The P-Shot ® doesn’t just give you a bump in terms of size, it improves sexual performance too. Erections are not only stronger and fuller, but they last longer.  The P-Shot® also increases sensation and sensitivity making sex more pleasurable. And many patients with symptoms of premature ejaculation have reported an improvement in their performance as well.

If you are having issues with the strength, duration or firmness of your erections—or just want to add some length—don’t put off doing something about it any longer.  Contact the professionals at the St. Louis Men’s Clinic about The Priapus Shot ® today.



Tips for Staying Alert at Work

Do you often find yourself feeling exhausted and tempted to doze off as you are staring at your computer screen? Feeling sluggish on the job can make the hours go by slowly and put a huge dent in your ability to be productive. Being your best self at work means coming in and having the energy to complete tasks and check items off your to-do list.

Here are some tips to help keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed during your nine to five:

Get your blood circulating – Start off your day with movement. If you don’t have the time for a full workout of running or laps, a simple walk around your neighborhood can improve your alertness. The effort you put into walking will pay off as oxygen is pumped through your body. Even taking the time to stretch and do your favorite yoga poses will amp up your mood and energy level.

Trade caffeine and sugary food for healthy snacks – Grabbing a low-calorie, high protein snack can give you a boost to make it through your mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump. Consider bringing items like a hardboiled egg, peanut butter on whole wheat crackers, hummus and carrots or a handful of almonds. The extra snack will tide you over until the next meal or the end of the workday.

Take a break from the desk – Sitting at your desk for eight uninterrupted hours can quickly drain you of creativity. You risk depriving yourself of social interactions with your colleagues and are missing out the opportunity to give your brain a chance to focus on other tasks. When you are revived after even 20 minutes away from your desk, you will be better able to concentrate and tackle a problem from a new angle.

Fighting off the urge to doze when you have important deadlines to meet can be tough. If you are suffering from fatigue as well as loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and hair loss, your testosterone level may be low. To learn about low testosterone treatment and revitalizing your sexual vigor, make an appoint at the St. Louis Men’s Clinic.

Reclaiming Your Sexual Health

cyclist smiling As you age, your body changes. You may not have the flexibility, endurance or even same sexual appetite as you did in your youth. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your sexual prime as a memory in the past. Reclaiming your sexual health is one way to take back control of your life and experience a fulfilling relationship with your partner.

Safety First – There are many ways to approach this goal. Part of reclaiming your sexual health involves taking responsibility for your body by taking steps to prevent STDS and unintended pregnancies. You will be better able to embrace your sexuality and enjoy intimacy knowing that you are having a safe sexual experience. This also demonstrates that you are invested in the well-being of your partner and want to protect that person from harm.

Ownership for Your Physical Health – Making lifestyle changes is another step toward reclaiming your sexual health. Regular exercise is an important part of increasing sex hormones, increasing your libido and maintaining healthy erections. Eating a balanced diet and managing your cardiovascular health can also help enhance your sexual performance. Eating the right foods helps improve blood flow and avoid the onset of type 2 diabetes, which can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Changing Your Thinking – Finally, own your sexual health by changing how you think. As you reduce stress, build up your confidence and accept the body you have, you will be able to reawaken your sexuality. It may take some effort, but you have the ability to reconnect with your sexual desires and experience intimacy with your partner.

If you have more questions about libido changes or your overall sexual performance, make an appointment at StLMensClinic.com.

How to Talk About Erectile Dysfunction

Couple talking about ED TreatmentsWhen someone in a relationship struggles with erectile dysfunction (ED), both parties must adjust their expectations. If your partner is having difficulty getting and maintaining an erection during sex the reality of the situation can be tough to ignore. As the experience of intimacy changes, it might be time to have an honest conversation with your partner.

If your partner regularly experiences ED and you’ve decided it’s time to talk about how this affects you as a couple, here are some tips for approaching the conversation:

Offer Your Support – Being a supportive partner means not getting frustrated or angry during this conversation. You are not there to place blame. You want to be open to hearing about how your partner feels about sexual interactions.

Leave Humor Out of The Conversation – There are many places in life where jokes or casual remarks can help lighten the mood and smooth out a heavy conversation. This is not one of those moments. Respecting someone’s body and privacy means choosing words carefully. You want to communicate your acceptance and not judgement.

Understand that Causes Can Be Multi-Faceted – Because physical, psychological and emotional forces may be contributing to ED, determining how to improve sexual interactions can be complex. You may be able to discuss personal matters and alleviate anxieties that were previously introduced into the relationship. You may also find that there are lifestyle changes that can be made to improve sexual health.

Be Open to the Possibility of Seeking Treatment – It’s important to know that many men have ED and it is treatable. There are many treatments for ED available. Your partner may want you to be involved in getting an assessment and choosing a method of treatment, or they may want to pursue things on their own.

It may be that your partner has been aware of this difficulty for some time, or you may discover that recently the ability to sustain arousal has changed. Be ready to listen and learn about the person you care about.

Sexual Problems Men Encounter with Age

Just because you are aging doesn’t mean you can no longer have an active and satisfying sex life. However, there are some unique problems that may occur as you grow older. Understanding the issues you may face, the causes of these conditions, and potential treatments available can help you prepare for these obstacles in your future.

Joint Pain – Joint pain cause by injuries or arthritis can make physical activities, like sex, more difficult. Treatments to help relieve pain, such as surgery or medication, can help make you more comfortable.

Diabetes – Some studies show that 35% to 75% of men who have diabetes will struggle with some level of erectile dysfunction. Lifestyle changes, such as changing diet and exercise habits, can help with managing diabetes. There are a number of options available for treating ED, including non-drug treatments such as the Priapus Shot or Wave Therapy.

Dementia – Loss of cognitive functioning, also known as dementia, can occur as a mild or severe condition, altering thinking and behavior. Because this condition impacts cognitive abilities, it can make communication related to sexual activity difficult.

Heart Disease – Having heart disease can disrupt sexual activity in a number of ways. The heightened physical activity may be difficult if you experience chest pain or shortness of breath. Additionally, heart disease can change the arteries so that blood does not flow as freely, which will impact the ability to have and sustain an erection.

Whether certain health conditions, aging, or a combination of factors are impairing your ability to have a satisfying sexual relationship, your physician may be able to recommend ways to improve your performance. To learn more about how Wave Therapy can help with ED, visit StLMensClinic.com.

Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

When it comes to your sexual health and your ability to maintain an erection, it’s important to identify the difference between a few sexual mishaps and a recurrent problem. Alcohol and other factors may be at work disturbing the body’s natural ability to develop and maintain an erection. There may be unusual circumstances that occasionally make for less fulfilling nights and uncomfortable conversations with your partner, but recurring issues might be an indication you are dealing with a more serious sexual health condition that makes intimacy and pleasure difficult.

Research suggests that consuming large amounts of alcohol can decrease blood flow to the penis and result in temporary erectile dysfunction. Too much alcohol can inhibit sexual pleasure, slow down the process of getting an erection and make reaching orgasm difficult. So while a little alcohol might get one in the mood for sexual activity, it can actually have a negative impact on your ability to perform in a satisfying way.

Men consistently experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are facing a sexual health problem that may benefit from treatment. These patients often find that achieving an erection is very difficult; they have trouble maintaining an erection; and their sexual appetite is decreasing or absent. If you would like to learn more about treatment for erectile dysfunction in Saint Charles, make an appointment at the St. Louis Men’s Clinic.

Why It’s Important to Seek Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

handsome gray haired man in a long sleeved blue shirtSeeking treatment for erectile dysfunction can be extremely difficult. Many men are embarrassed to talk about their sexual health because it makes them feel like less of a man. If you don’t speak to a doctor about your ED, you could miss out on your chance to regain your sex life and start living your life the way you want to. You could also leave yourself open to other health issues associated with ED.

It Can Be a Sign of Other Problems

If you have erectile dysfunction, it may be a side effect of a larger problem rather than a self-contained issue. Erectile dysfunction can be a side effect of:

  • Vascular diseases like heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, and high blood pressure
  • Inflammation or Infection of the urethra and prostate
  • Low testosterone
  • Nervous system diseases

Any of these conditions can be extremely harmful if not treated, so it’s important to talk to your doctor about what is causing your ED.

It Can Strain Relationships

Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship, and if you are having trouble getting and maintaining an erection, it can affect your spouse or partner negatively. They may feel like you are not attracted to them anymore, even if that’s not the case at all. Seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction in Belleville, IL can help you get your sex life back, and repair the strain that your ED has put on your sex life.

Seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction will not only help you feel like a new man, but it will also help your sexual partner.

It Can Harm Your Quality of Life

Erectile dysfunction affects you in the bedroom, and in your daily life. Because of this disorder, you may feel less confident, anxious, or depressed; your relationships may suffer, and you may be experiencing other health issues that can seriously harm your quality of life. Make an appointment at St. Louis Men’s Clinic and start your journey towards a happier, healthier life without ED.

Welcome to the St. Louis Men’s Clinic Blog

st. louis skylineAs you age, you may find yourself experiencing a decline in your sexual performance. You may feel embarrassed, or less of a man, but you are not alone. In fact, it is very common for men over 40 to experience erectile dysfunction, or some other type of sexual dysfunction. This is because your testosterone levels begin to decline after you turn 30. While natural, it is possible to reverse the effects of this hormonal decline and overcome your performance issues. That’s where St. Louis Men’s Clinic can help.

In this blog, we will discuss various aspects of men’s sexual health in great detail, giving you all of the information you need to take control of your sexual health. We will regularly publish informative and interesting content that will help you navigate the processes that are taking place in your own body.

St. Louis Men’s Clinic is not your average doctor’s office. We deal exclusively with men’s sexual health, and have an all-male staff to ensure your comfort. You will also find that our signage is discreet, and you will spend very little time in our waiting room before being taken to a private room to meet the doctor. We handle your most private issues with discretion and care, so that you can feel as comfortable as possible. Are you ready to regain your sex life and increase your sexual performance in St. Louis? Make an appointment today.