Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

When it comes to your sexual health and your ability to maintain an erection, it’s important to identify the difference between a few sexual mishaps and a recurrent problem. Alcohol and other factors may be at work disturbing the body’s natural ability to develop and maintain an erection. There may be unusual circumstances that occasionally make for less fulfilling nights and uncomfortable conversations with your partner, but recurring issues might be an indication you are dealing with a more serious sexual health condition that makes intimacy and pleasure difficult.

Research suggests that consuming large amounts of alcohol can decrease blood flow to the penis and result in temporary erectile dysfunction. Too much alcohol can inhibit sexual pleasure, slow down the process of getting an erection and make reaching orgasm difficult. So while a little alcohol might get one in the mood for sexual activity, it can actually have a negative impact on your ability to perform in a satisfying way.

Men consistently experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are facing a sexual health problem that may benefit from treatment. These patients often find that achieving an erection is very difficult; they have trouble maintaining an erection; and their sexual appetite is decreasing or absent. If you would like to learn more about treatment for erectile dysfunction in Saint Charles, make an appointment at the St. Louis Men’s Clinic.