3 reasons to get the P-Shot ®

Male enhancement has always been geared toward men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction.  But at St. Louis Men’s Clinic we believe that enhancement shouldn’t just be for men who struggle with performance issues or loss of libido. We think that men everywhere should be able to give themselves a little boost, even if they aren’t dealing with symptoms of ED.

Enter the Priapus Shot ®

The Priapus Shot ® or P-Shot® is an all natural treatment that has a number of benefits for all men.  Here are three reasons to consider the P-Shot ®.

No pills, sprays or cream


The Priapus Shot ® uses your body’s own plasma to rejuvenate the penis.  By separating the platelets, then injecting them into specific regions of the penis, blood-derived growth factors work with your body to stimulate strength and growth of the penis.  Your body will never reject these platelets because they came from you and the treatment has a very high rate of success.

Results in as little as a single treatment


No need to have surgery or use a pump forever to see results.  Many men have reported a difference in strength, hardness, length and girth after just one treatment.  Treatments are delivered at our office and last a total of 20-30 minutes.

Increased sexual performance


The P-Shot ® doesn’t just give you a bump in terms of size, it improves sexual performance too. Erections are not only stronger and fuller, but they last longer.  The P-Shot® also increases sensation and sensitivity making sex more pleasurable. And many patients with symptoms of premature ejaculation have reported an improvement in their performance as well.

If you are having issues with the strength, duration or firmness of your erections—or just want to add some length—don’t put off doing something about it any longer.  Contact the professionals at the St. Louis Men’s Clinic about The Priapus Shot ® today.